What’s the difference between a GA ticket and a VIP ticket? What does my ticket include?


A General Admission ticket to Turbulence grants you access to the entire Cowabunga Bay waterpark for the duration of the event, including all attractions, music and food / beverage areas.  


A VIP ticket comes with all GA amenities, plus a dedicated VIP stage viewing area, expedited entry into the event, and a custom Turbulence VIP laminate.

Will the water rides be open?


We aim to have all Cowabunga Bay water attractions open for the duration of the event, including slides, wave pool, lazy river and more. The park must reserve the right to suspend operation of any attraction(s) for health and safety reasons, or due to inclement weather.

What are the event hours?


Doors open at 6:00 PM sharp, and music starts immediately. The event concludes at 12 midnight. Early arrival is strongly suggested.

Are Cowabunga Bay season passes, day passes or reduced admission coupons valid? Can I arrive earlier in the day and stay for Turbulence?


As Turbulence is a private event, all Cowabunga Bay passes and reduced admission coupons will not be valid toward entry during the event hours. The park will be open for business the day of September 8th, but will close early and be emptied prior to doors.   

What should I wear? Should I bring a towel?


Pool attire is encouraged but not required for entry - swimsuits, shorts, tank tops, sandals, sneakers, hats are all acceptable. Please keep in mind that swim attire IS required if you plan on using the water attractions. We recommend dressing for a day at the pool or beach.   


We highly recommend bringing your own towel to the event. Towels will also be available for purchase in the Cowabunga Bay gift shop.

Where can I store my belongings?


Storage lockers will be available for rent on a first come first serve basis - they can be purchased via cash or credit / debit card at any beverage station. All lockers are protected by a combination, and each includes a dedicated cell phone charging port. If you plan to use the water attractions, please leave all valuables in your storage locker, locked in your car, or at home. RVLTN & Cowabunga Bay are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.

Where do I park?


Parking will be available in the Cowabunga Bay main lot. Please avoid parking on the adjacent streets or in nearby residential areas. Carpooling is recommended.

Do I need an ID to enter? What kinds of ID are acceptable?


YES. You are required to present a valid ID for entry, regardless of whether or not you plan to purchase alcohol. We cannot offer any exception to this policy – don’t forget your ID at home!

The following are acceptable forms of identification in the state of Nevada:

Any US State / Territory, District of Columbia or Canadian Driver’s License or Non-Operating ID
Any valid, recognized Passport or US Passport Card
Military ID
Resident Alien Card
All IDs must be valid, unexpired, unaltered, and must contain a photo

My ID expired and I haven’t received my new one yet. Does a DMV printout work?


A DMV renewal printout is only valid if you bring the expired ID along with it.

Can you accept my student ID / birth certificate / any other unlisted ID?


Unfortunately no other forms of ID are acceptable. Please bring one of the acceptable forms to ensure entry.

Can I leave and re-enter the event?


There will be NO re-entry allowed. Please plan accordingly.

Will tickets be available at the door?


If tickets do not sell out in advance, there will be tickets available at the door. Check the official event page and RVLTN social media platforms for updates. Door tickets are always more expensive than presale tickets - we recommend buying early to save money.

Can I bring my raft / tube / float / Super Soaker / other pool toys?


To ensure the safety of all guests, not outside flotation devices or pool toys will be allowed into the event. Please leave these items at home.

What cabana options are available? What is included in a cabana purchase?


For guests wanting their own private real estate at the event, several cabana packages are available. Cabana pricing is based on size and number of guests, and all cabanas come with a private storage locker with cell phone charging station, expedited VIP entry into the event, and parking pass. Bottle service options are also available for guests aged twenty one and over. Please email info@rvltnevents.com for all cabana inquiries.

Is bottle service available?


If your group has reserved a cabana, bottle service will be available for purchase at the event. All guests in the group MUST be twenty one (21) years of age or older, no exceptions. No guests under 21 will be allowed access to any cabana where alcohol is being served.

What food and beverage options are available?


Turbulence will have numerous food trucks & vendors serving a variety of dining options throughout the event, including pizza, sandwiches, frozen treats, pineapple Dole whips and much more. There will be multiple full service bars for guests aged 21 and over, as well as non-alcoholic water, juice and energy drink stations for those not of legal drinking age.

What items are NOT allowed?



• Drugs

• Drug paraphernalia (including all marijuana products)

• Weapons of any kind

• Professional cameras / film equipment (including GoPros, or anything with a detachable lens)

• Large bags, backpacks or purses (over 10’’ x 10’’)

• Inner tubes, rafts, floats, inflatables, squirt guns, or other pool toys

• Outside food and drink (empty Camelbacks are OK)

• Masks that cover the face

• Open packs of cigarettes / lip balm

• Medications of any kind

• Bad vibes

What about cigarettes / vapes / E-cigs?


Closed packs or cigarettes and vapes will be allowed into the event, however may NOT enter the water or be brought onto any water attractions. Bringing cigarettes or electronic smoking devices into the water is grounds for ejection from the event.  

What about totems / hoops / wands / flow arts?


Provided such items are not disruptive to the experience of other guests, and do not pose a health or safety issue (as determined by security), they will be allowed entry.  However - please note that these items may NOT accompany you into the water or onto any attractions, and will most likely not fit into the park storage lockers. Please take this into consideration before deciding whether or not to bring these items to Turbulence.  RVLTN & Cowabunga Bay cannot be responsible for lost or stolen personal items.

What if someone needs medical attention?


In the event of an emergency, please get the attention of the nearest lifeguard or security staff member immediately. RVLTN contracts certified emergency medical technicians to ensure any medical emergencies are addressed as promptly as possible. All staff members will be equipped with radios and can reach the EMT staff quickly should the need arise. The safety of our attendees is our top priority - please look out for your fellow guests and report any medical issues immediately.

Is there anything else I should know?


All tickets to Turbulence include the full experience - access to the entire Cowabunga Bay property and all attractions, the music stage, and all food and beverage areas. The safety of our guests is always our top priority - guests who are visibly intoxicated, or choose to engage in violent or verbally abusive conduct toward event staff or other patrons will be promptly ejected from the event and will not receive a refund. Have fun and be safe!